4 - 7 septembre 2024

The 46th  ISHP Congress 2024 will be organized by the International Society for the History of Pharmacy (ISHP) in collaboration with the Section for the History of Pharmacy of the Pharmaceutical Association of Serbia.

The congress will be held from the 4 th to the 7 th of September 2024 in Belgrade, Serbia. During the almost hundred years of ISHP’s history, annual congresses have been major events for the exchange of thoughts and ideas related to our shared interest in the history of pharmacy.

The 46 th  ISHP Congress will be organized around the topic of Pharmaceutical Profession and Society: Roots, Development and Lessons for the Future. This overall theme will be developed in plenary sessions with high-level keynotes as well as throughout all the sessions in the event. Many distinguished scholars proficient in the field of pharmacy, medicine and history of science from all over the world have already accepted to be involved in this event by giving lectures.

Participating at the Congress is an excellent opportunity to be involved at the expert panel discussion on present challenges and future of the History of Pharmacy as an academic discipline. Traditionally the ISHP Congress will host a ceremonial meeting of the International Academy for the History of Pharmacy.